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Since 2005 Dancing Creek Farm has provided the highest standard of care in the dog industry.  Our 32 acres have been designed to provide long­term care, short­term dog boarding, grooming, dog training, dog retirement and holistic dog nutrition.  Our goal is clear – To provide love and support for families and their dogs.  




Each year millions of cats and dogs are surrendered to shelters & euthanized.  I’m not sure people consider this when they go to purchase a puppy that there are so many dogs and cats losing their lives because they too were once loved pets.  The illusion that there are plenty of no kill shelters is grossly exaggerated. There are a number of wonderful shelters and rescues saving pets, however the problem is so large that millions still lose their lives.

But not all pets are surrendered by irresponsible owners. Some people have no choice then to make the most heartbreaking decision of their lives.

Kids and pets

Military Deployed – Although there are great organizations that provide military fostering there are not enough families willing to take on the responsibility of fostering. Soldiers are also sent to countries where certain breeds are restricted.

Students – Housing is not provided to students with pets & the breed restriction list for rentals is quite long.

Families in Transition – Families that have lost jobs, homes and other devastating events.  Due to the economy some families have had to take overseas contracts to stay afloat.

Owner Hospitalized – Some pet owners don’t have family or people that are able to help them with their pets.

Dancing Creek Farm

Dancing Creek Farm began in summer 2005 as local in-home pet sitting service. Through word of mouth Dancing Creek Farm grew. In 2008 Tamara Burton, owner of Dancing Creek Farm realized a great need for long term boarding for military and families in transition.  The program was so popular that by 2012 we tripled in size.  Dancing Creek Farm now has 19 dog areas and is currently caring for 50 or more dogs.  Today 80% of the dogs are enrolled in the discounted long term program. The upgrades to expand have been made possible by Tamara working consulting jobs in the evenings and volunteer help.

Each week I turn away at least four families that really need our help. It’s truly heartbreaking. Families that we can help often break down in tears of relief. We once got a call from a frantic solider deployed who had not been able to contact her pet caregiver for several weeks. Unable to get help she called us asking advice. We contacted some friends to go check it out and found that her beloved small dog was place in a chain link kennel outside in the dead of winter along with 10 other dogs. The pen was covered in feces and the water completely frozen. We called the authorities and brought the dog back to our facility. She found this person on Craigslist and took a chance because she could not find affordable boarding while she deployed. This is only one story.”  Says Tamara

The long term goal of Tamara Burton and Dancing Creek Farm is to not only expand the boarding facility to help more people and pets but to become as sustainable as possible so that the farm can help more families and pets.

We would love to build more living space for retired veterans and charity workers that have unselfishly served our country. To somehow work them into our plan to provide more loving care to the dogs and cats boarding here at our facility.  I would love to see us become fully sustainable so that we could earn our own money and continue to help more families with their pets Once Dancing Creek Farm is fully operational and reaching its goal I would love to open more facilities across the USA.” Says Tamara Burton

The vision of Dancing Creek Farm is supported throughout the world. Sun Principe who has worked with animal rescue for the past 15 years relocated from California to donate his time to care for the dogs and cats at Dancing Creek Farm. He gave up a successful career as a chef to live at Dancing Creek Farm with no pay to help with the expansion.  Each day he feeds, cuddles and cares for each and every dog as if they were his own. The amount of love Tamara and Sun provide the dogs is truly impressive. When you pull into Dancing Creek Farm you are met by lots of happy, barking, tail wagging dogs! Just looking at them you can see that they are healthy and happy.

Kids and pets

The design of Dancing Creek Farm is truly unique and set up for dogs to board here for as long as 2 years! Each area features a beautiful cabin with a dog door, deck/porch, ramps, large fenced play areas maintained with clean fresh straw. The insulted cabins have heat and AC. Water buckets are washed and cleaned twice a day empty or not. Dancing Creek Farm provides supplements, at their own expense to ensure the health and well-being of each pet boarded there. Tamara is experienced in holistic animal care and has helped countless dogs. The staff at Dancing Creek Farm focuses on the needs of each and every single pet. Not only the physical well-being but emotional. Pet owners that have boarded at Dancing Creek Farm rave about how wonderful their pets looked when they picked them up and how relaxed and happy they are.

In order for Dancing Creek Farm to meet its goals to expand they have launched a fund raiser at Go Fund Me –  or contact them by email

Dancing Creek Farm also needs volunteers and trades people- plumbers, electricians, carpenters, dog walkers, help with the grounds, brushing dogs, petting and cuddling. Ongoing volunteers committed to  at least 10 hours per week can “Adopt a Family” and will be in touch with one of our families via email. “Adopt a Family” is also available for people giving cash donations and micro fund raisers for families.

If you can help in any way, even by sharing we’d really appreciate it. Visit us on facebook at

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