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You need to sell your home. You have one or more indoor dogs. Part of your listing agreement gives real-estate agents access to your home when you are not there. This article discusses “What should I do with my dog when selling my home?”
Some sellers might request 24 hours notice to show property so they can make arrangements that day for their pets. This could lower your chances for a sell. Buyers who are out spending a day with an agent might not want to wait and invest another day. People entering and leaving your house could be a safety risk for your dog. I know one family who lost a beloved pet when someone failed to completely shut a door. The dog pushed through, ran into a busy street and was struck by a car.

Depending on the weather and if your backyard is fenced you may be able to leave your dog outside, however most potential buyers will want to look at the yard and not have to deal with dogs jumping on them.

What about the hair and dog smells?  We love our dogs and since we live with them we get use to the smell, however someone who doesn’t own dogs could easily be put off by the smell of pets that have been in the house. In fact there are a lot of buyers that will not consider a home that has had pets in the home because of allergies. Even though it can easily be cleaned and deodorized the first impression of a property is your biggest selling advantage.

Once you sell your house there is packing and the chaos of moving.  This can be a very stressful time for your family including your pets. There is also the risk of movers leaving doors open and your fur baby escaping.

How To Sell Your Home with Dogs

The absolute fastest and best way to sell your home is to make it readily available to sales agents.  Top selling real estate sales agents will often request that you remove personal clutter and very personal items such as family photos. They suggest that your home be clean and at a comfortable temperature. A good agent will arrive ahead of time to turn on lights and make sure your house is comfortable. The goal is that the potential buyer can imagine themselves in your home.

The best way to accomplish this goal is to find a safe happy place for your dogs while your house is under contract.

Dancing Creek Farm Doggie Sleep Away Camp

We specialize in long term dog boarding, however we also provide special packages for various dog boarding needs.  We’ve kept many dogs for families who were trying to sell home, build a home or moving from one location to the another.  It’s not easy to be away from your beloved pets, however selling, buying and moving can be very stressful for the entire family. We work very hard to help you with every single set of this and insure the well-being of your pet.

Our Real-Estate package is a 3 month long term contract. We offer dog boarding discounts for stays three months of longer.  Our long term dog boarding services are available to people all over the USA. Here is why:

  • United Airlines offers a Pet Safe program that is very affordable. Click here to check out the rates. We would pick up your dog at Raleigh NC Airport.
  • We offer pick-up and delivery as far as you need. Our rates for transport is 12.00 and hour plus gas.  If it requires an overnight stay you are billed for the hotel & switched to a daily flat rate. We can even rent a van and help move your pets and family.
  • We offer Skype calls! You can actually see how happy they are! In addition we take pictures and videos you can see on our Facebook page.
  • We offer a “Better Than Home” environment. Lots of affection, focus on health and nutrition as well as their emotional well being.

The best part is that by supporting our programs you help us help other families through a discount program offered to military deployed, students and families in transition.

Please share this article if you know agents or anyone selling their home. If you’d like information of availability and pricing please call us  800-705-0540