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If you died suddenly what would happen to your pets? Have you made arrangements with a friend or family member to insure the welfare of your beloved family member? Can they afford to take care of them? Are you absolutely sure they would be able to honor your request?

If you love your dogs as much as I love mine you have probably considered what would happen to them in the event of your death. If you have not thought about it then maybe you should. We would all like to think that our family members would honor the love we have for our pets but the truth is they might feel differently about it. In fact there are a lot of people that think that dog shelters are always successful in finding good homes.  This just isn’t true. Many shelters are full and if you have an older dog they might not be adoptable. They could very well spend the rest of their golden years in a kennel or end up in a kill shelter. You have the opportunity to decide on your pets future in the event of your untimely death.

The only way to insure that your dog(s) are well cared for is to provide a Pet Trust ( Pet Will, Pet Protection ) agreement that is handled by whoever is the executor of your estate. It’s also a good idea to nominate several trust friends to check on the care of your pets throughout the years. If they find that the care is not acceptable they contact whoever is in charge of your estate after you die.

 Leaving Money for Your Pets After You Die

Here at Dancing Creek Farm we have people that have set up Pet Protection legal forms within their Last Will and Testament so that we are able to provide long term dog boarding for their dog. Special instructions are made in the Pet Trust and copies are sent to us with any additional instructions. For instance one woman who has two small older small dogs has pre-reserved space in the event of her death. She has left special instructions that when her dogs die that they are cremated and the ashes placed on her grave. This might seem like an odd request but she deeply loves her dogs.

In setting up your Pet Trust you will complete paperwork with us paying for the first month of boarding. This is to secure your spot and set up an account. We will give you a quote on transporting your pet to our facility. It doesn’t matter where you live. We will immediately drive to pick up your dog so they don’t have to spend any time in a shelter or your loved ones don’t have the extra responsibly of caring for a pet during a difficult time.   Before contracting us you’ll set up a special Pet Trust with your lawyer. Money will come from your estate handled by your lawyer or an insurance policy. It’s important to remember that its could take months for an estate to settle. Its a good idea to speak to your lawyer about having funds available immediately to handle the care of your pet. Here at Dancing Creek Farm we are also happy to set up a prepaid account to handle these cost in the even of your death.

How Much Should I Leave My Dog?

The average calculation would include dog boarding, food and vet care. Here at the farm we estimate this to be around 550.00 per month. A portion of this might go towards pet insurance paid by your estate or in advance as part of your will. If you expect your dog will live another 8 years your would calculate 550.00 a month for 8 years.

You should have a life insurance policy that will cover this amount if you do not have it available in your estate.  Your Pet Protection Agreement will give instructions on how this is paid.  If your dog does not live 8 years you would give details on what would happen to the remainder of the money.  Most people donate it to a Pet Rescue or in our case they would donate to provide boarding discounts for families that need help.

Additionally you want to leave detailed instructions posted somewhere so that someone can contact your long term pet trust provider. Otherwise your pets could end up in a shelter. Its a good idea to also get a special tag made for your keys letting people know that you have a pet at home that needs care.

Legal Zoom has a great Pet Protection option. Please visit their link to set this up.


If you would like to set us up to provide long term pet trust for you in the event you suddenly die then please feel free to email me info@dancingcreekfarm.com If you set this up please be sure to contact us with details on how we would obtain your pet. We are happy to drive or fly to your location to get your dog and bring them back to the farm.