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Here at Dancing Creek Farm we take dog food and health very serious. Over the past 15 years I have taken care of countless animals, especially dogs that had skin problems, allergies and even more severe cases – Diabetes, cancer and tumors. Although I am not a Vet there is no doubt in my mind that food and environment play a major part in the health and longevity of  pet and family.

Commercial foods are filled with harmful chemicals and ingredients that are not beneficial to your pets health. I urge you to take the times and research this. Please read this one article CLICK HERE however do your own research. Each year I learn more and see the results not only in my own dogs but dogs I take care of. I know at least a dozen dogs I’ve recommended food and supplements that have had amazing results and off harmful medications.

Any pet food company, even the highest rated can experience a recall. It even happens with out own human food supply, however the base ingredients, preservatives, food quality and additives in most commercial dog foods are just awful.

We choose Taste of The Wild because it’s a grain free food filled with excellent quality ingredients. Click here read them. Because it;s grain free and filled with healthy fibers from fruits and vegetables your dog will eat less and within a short time you’ll see changes in their coats, muscle tone and overall well being. In addition I also add additional fish oil and vitamin E. Sometimes I add sweet potatoes (cooked and mashed) , sometimes a little natural REAL yogurt, chopped apples, etc. If you’re unsure just email me.

Dog Food Reviews: http://www.rateitall.com/t-353-dog-food-brands.aspx

Other harmful chemicals found in cleaners and pesticides which are commonly used around the home could be harmful to you and your pet. Cleaner like “Simple Green” found at Sam’s Club or many stores or what we use is Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds, 32-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2). This stuff is highly concentrated and safe enough to to clean your fruits and veggies, countertop, floors, everything! You’ll be amazed how will it cleans, although you may need to use a clear rinse water after cleaning floors.

Harmful pesticides you spray on your lawn and yard can cause illness or even death. As mentioned in my article on natural tick and flea treatments we use a garlic spray Mosquito Barrier – Liquid Spray Repellent – 1 Gallon it says Mosquitoes, however we use it for ticks, fleas, all types of insects that raid our gardens. It helps cut down on flies but we still use fly traps because flies can carry all types of disease. This is another reason to use Vinegar and Garlic as a tick and flea treatment because its often given to horses to keep flies away.

Considering your dogs health by feeding healthy food, supplements, healthy environment, LOTS of fresh water (change several times a day to encourage drinking) and lots of one on one times, love and affection will extend your dogs life and you’ll save lots of money on Vet bills.

If you live in Danville you can buy Taste of The Wild at Legget’s Town & Country. Please tell them we sent you. We’re working on a discount!

I’ll be covering more on this as well as natural healing herbs and supplements soon. Please subscribe to my blog and tell your friends.