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It’s a party and everyone is meeting, greeting and sniffing. These are just the dogs in the house, not including the party going on in bow wow cabin.

All I want to do is take a nap after cleaning, feeding, scooping poops and walking dogs. Yeah my bed is soft, it’s dark and cool BUT I want to lay down guys! What’s wrong with the sofa and fancy dog hammocks?????? Come on, give me some room!

In this video we have Sadie, Blaze, Moonshine the cat, Bear on the floor and Cheyenne. Bear and Cheyenne are my dogs, NOT on the bed only because there is no room.

Blaze is the type of dog that is stuck to your hip. I allow her to sleep in my bed even  though she crunches right up next to you and makes it hard to toss and turn. MY BED has become HER domain. In this video I’m trying to make the bed and she’s taking it over! It’s a little dark but cute nonetheless.

Stella is a sweet little dachshund that loves hanging out with me in my bed. In these two videos she is being a sweet puppy until she gets a visit from Morris the cat. She didnt like sharing the bed with the cat.

The cat encounter

This is Rowdy a long term boarder and Sam a visitor. Retrievers love water. They were playing in the pool, rain and then the mud. Look how dirty they are and look at what a mess they made of the Bow Wow Cabin!