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Throughout the year I have to deal with pet hair daily, however nothing compares to the amount of hair I clean in the summer. Brooms push it all over the place and swifter is more trouble than its worth. I’ve gone through a few vacuums the past year. I like using  a vacuum but most are cumbersome and don’t suck hard enough.
Then I found  Eureka 3684F Pet Lover Mighty Mite for only 89 bucks with free shipping at Amazon. The reviews were strong so I figured I’d give it a try. I LOVE this vacuum. It cleans bare floors great and sucks up pet hair as it was made to do. The only thing that sucks about it is the crappy hose. Its cheap and will sometimes twist BUT I’d still buy it over again. I’ll just shop around and find a better hose.
Also if you’re in the Danville area make an appointment with Tina over at Petco by Target. Tell her you’re with Dancing Creek Farm for VIP treatment. Some breeds its best not to shave them but if you have a lab retriever, or most thick long hair breeds then whack it off! If your dog stays outdoors or is in the sun there is rosk of sun burn so be careful. Your dog will feel so much better and you’ll have a little less hair and easier to clean. Petco in Danville also offers 15.00 baths during the week. If you can’t make it because of work set up a pet sitting service call and we’ll take them.


  • your dog will stink less if they tend to get odors trapped in their long fur
  • fleas can be easier to see
  • shaving can reduce shedding (although not eliminate it)
  • dog will feel cool and comfortable in summer heat, but many will continue to pant if it is hot outside
  • it is much easier to clean or groom your dog after shaving, especially if they had long fur


  • sunburn is more likely
  • fleas and mosquitos can reach your dog’s skin more easily
  • your dog may look funny with the typical “lion cut” (that means that they shave everything except the head, feet, and tail)
  • it can take a while for the fur to grow back depending on the breed