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Since 2005 Dancing Creek Farm has provided the highest standard of care in the dog industry.  Our 32 acres have been designed to provide long­term care, short­term dog boarding, grooming, dog training, dog retirement and holistic dog nutrition.  Our goal is clear – To provide love and support for families and their dogs.  



Skype with your Dogs!


Although we have cams in some of the cabins (we move them around) the bandwidth can be an issue depending on the time of day. During the day (and sometimes late night party animals) the dogs are outside playing or laying on the decks.  We decided to install Skype on our smart phones so that you can have a visit with your dogs.  This way we can move around with them and you can easily see them playing instead of sleeping.

Its best that you are on a computer on your end of the call because Skype to Skype on only a cellular network is difficult. The best times to do Skype calls are in the mornings, however if you email me your best times (using our time zones here in Virginia) I will try to make something happen. We do need a bit of notice and there are times where we are just too busy but I will always try to find a way to make time.  If you are able to send text messages from your location simply text me at 434-549-1616 and we’ll be happy to get you whatever you need.

It’s important to us that you are happy with our standard of care and that you feel total confident that your dogs are well cared for.  We understand how stressful it is. That you love your dogs and need to know they are happy and having a good time.  We will do whatever it takes to give you this peace of mind.


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