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Since 2005 Dancing Creek Farm has provided the highest standard of care in the dog industry.  Our 32 acres have been designed to provide long­term care, short­term dog boarding, grooming, dog training, dog retirement and holistic dog nutrition.  Our goal is clear – To provide love and support for families and their dogs.  


Sharing the TV – Big Head Bear


I get really tired of telling Bear, my big headed Rottie, to move his fat head from my TV! I swear I can’t turn it on without his face right up in it and he can watch TV for hours. I often have to tell him to sit back worried he’ll ruin his eyes.

So I go to my big chair to watch a past episode of Survivor and guess what happens? I have to put a towel on my laptop so he doesn’t slobber all over the keys.

BTW his favorite channel is Animal Planet, of course! He comes into my bedroom really early, sticks his big head on the TV waiting for me to turn it on. If I’m too slow he starts crying, looks at me then the TV.


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