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Since 2005 Dancing Creek Farm has provided the highest standard of care in the dog industry.  Our 32 acres have been designed to provide long­term care, short­term dog boarding, grooming, dog training, dog retirement and holistic dog nutrition.  Our goal is clear – To provide love and support for families and their dogs.  


Long Term Foster Dogs @ Dancing Creek

This is a crew of long term dogs here at Dancing Creek. Currently we have a total of  6 dogs that have been here 3 months or longer, some staying for a year.  It’s rare that we have 5 together in one area, all the time, but these 5 are the best of friends. I honestly never seen a pack of dogs get along so well. I can give them treats together, feed, play, almost anything and no fighting. They play, cuddle and all are perfect together.

Rudy (3 legs) Wonder Dog (right) Mulligan (back)

Ruby and Mulligan live in Virginia. They are staying for 6 months while their family remodels. Ruby has three legs but this doesnt stop her from jumping on the table and hanging out. Mulligan is the oldest of the group and pretty mellow. Wonder Dog is a rescue I’ve had for 8 years.

Rascal is camera shy
Rowdy IS rowdy!

Above is Rascal and Rowdy. Rascal runs and hides every time I pull the camera out.  He and Rowdy are here for a year while their family is working Italy. Rowdy is one wild boy! Rascal more laid back. Rascal loves laying on the deck and prefers spending as much time as he can outside. He also likes to hang out with me while I do chores around the farm. He’s one of the few dogs I can let off leash and know he won’t take off. I could never do this with Rowdy!

On the ground is straw we put down in the winter to keep things clean. Every month new straw and hay goes down. The dog areas are always swept and clean. Its a full time job because these dogs are always on vacation and play non-stop. Everything looks clean now but it doesnt always look so clean! Especially after a big rain, lots of playful muddy dogs. In fact if you see the picture of Rowdy the floor is wet. “Someone” loves to play in the water bucket.

Thursday is Thanksgiving and we have two turkeys. One for me and my family and one for the dogs. The dogs get turkey, sweet potatos and yogurt (to help digest all that good food!).

Taking care of foster dogs long term is a great responsibility. Its important to us that we provide a loving, home like environment for dogs that must be away from their families. In fact we probably spoil them even more because of this. Nice long brushing, petting, walking and as you can see non-stop playing!

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