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Installing Affordable Fencing for Your Dog

People often ask us about our fencing here at the farm. We selected this style of fencing for several reasons:

  1. It looks nicer then chain link.
  2. It’s safer
  3. It’s a lot more affordable

This fencing is not that difficult to put up. This blog post will give you information and details on putting up an affordable fence, however it helps if you are handy and comfortable using tools.

You need to first determine the size you want your fencing. Our basic dog lots are 25 X 25 but to make this simple let’s build a 30X30 fenced area. You can build this off your back door so you can freely let your dogs out to potty without worry. However you can build it as large as you your budget allows.

The first thing you need to do is mark & measure your area. You should set your4×4 pressure treated post 10 feet apart.  (The link sends you to lowes btw) 4x4x8 post must be pressure treated. They cost about 7.00 each. If you are building a 30×30 area you will need 13. Arrange all of your post before you start digging. One post is spaced 4 to 5 feet from one of the main post to be used for your gate.  If you are handy you can build a gate or if you want to buy a gate you can get a 4 foot mesh gate from Tractor Supply.  Your gate should be big enough so that your riding mower can drive through it.  The deck on most riding mowers is 42 inches.  13 4x4x8 will be about 100.00


If your ground isn’t too hard you can rent or borrow post hole diggers. If you don’t want to dig you can rent an auger from an equipment rental place, however this can be a dangerous tool to operate if you have no knowledge of power tools. I recommend you get help from a handy friend or hire someone. Its still going to be a lot less then installing chain link from a professional fence company. Your holes need to be 2 feet deep. Your 4x4x8 need to be buried 2 feet in the ground for a sturdy fence. Make sure you have all of your post even and pour a little dry Quickrete a fast drying cement (about 3.50 a bag for 80 pound bags use about a half a bag per post) You can add a small amount of water to the hole, just enough to wet the concrete, however keep in mind that the moisture from the ground will also continue to seep into the concrete. But you want it wet enough to set your post.  While its still wet you can fill the hole and post with the dirt you dug out.  Your post should be straight and upright. Leave them sit overnight. You want your post stable and set strong when you start putting up fence.

Putting Up Farm Fencing

The fence we use here is  Red Brand 60-in x 50-ft Silver Galvanized Steel Perimeter Fence it’s 49.00 for 50 feet and it’s 5 feet high. You’re going to need wire cutters to cut it. You can work in 10 foot sections just be sure to cut it so that the fence comes completely across your 4×4. It takes two people to do this.

I like this fencing because its not easy for dogs to get their paws into like chain link. Some dogs climb fencing. I’m not saying its impossible but certainly much better than chain link.

If you are doing a extra large fenced area there is a field fencing that isn’t as pretty but also very effective. This roll is 300 feet for 189.00 but it is 4 feet high, If you don’t have jumpers and climbers its fine. We use it in our supervised play areas. Click here to see it.

The best investment I EVER made was buying this :

Cordless NARROW CROWN stapler

However the battery and charger pack is sold separately so you end up spending around 200 bucks. You should be able to rent something at an equipment rental place. Just make sure you’re using crown narrow staples that look like the is:

install dog fencing

I purchased this tool so that I can easily repair my fencing. The other CHEAP option is to buy standard loose staples and hammer them in. You can see these click here. You definitely need two people to hold the fence while someone staples.  A box of staples is cheap. Make sure they are at least 1 1/4 inches. But if you can rent, borrow or buy a narrow crown staple gun it will make the job much simpler .

Remember to bring the fence completely over the 4×4. Make sure it is even and as close to the ground as possible.

Staple every couple of sections going down the 4×4.  Secure the fence and its ok to overlap it.

Once your fence is stapled up make sure its straight. You will then take 2x4x10 pressure treated wood to put on the outside along the bottom and top. You don’t really need one in the middle (see picture above).  When setting your 4×4 post be sure to measure properly so that your 2x4s will fit cross ways.  You’ll need 2 inch screws and a drill to secure them the post.  You need two people to do this. Once your cross post are at the top and bottom you can then staple the fence also to the 2x4s.

When completed you can then hang your gate. If you make a gate pr purchase one you might need hinges and latches. Speak to the person where you buy you gate or supplies and ask them the best hardware to use for your gate and dog fencing.

Depending on your size and the tools you have available to you this fence is easily, affordable and it looks great. You can stain the wood or leave it natural.  If you don’t feel you can do this on your own talk to affordable handymen and show them this article and pictures. They can easily figure it out and help you.


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  • I definitely agree that this type of fencing looks much nicer than your typical chain link fence. It seems that it is safe for dogs as well as durable.