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Since 2005 Dancing Creek Farm has provided the highest standard of care in the dog industry.  Our 32 acres have been designed to provide long­term care, short­term dog boarding, grooming, dog training, dog retirement and holistic dog nutrition.  Our goal is clear – To provide love and support for families and their dogs.  


Customer Comments

Our customer feedback is very important to us. If you have boarded with us before please give us a review. If you are considering boarding with us please feel free to ask for referral contacts. Additionally you can see reviews on our Facebook page. YOU MUST CLICK THE MORE BUTTON TO SEE REVIEWS 




12 Responses to “Customer Comments”

  • We have used Tamara when we needed to board our dog Mollie and have been totally satisfied with the care she has gotten at Dancing Creek. Its just like having her at home – no kennels – just living in the house with the rest of the “folks” – both 2 and 4-footed! What a super place!

  • Dancing Creek Farm is a wonderful place to board a dog when you have to be away. Tamara treats our English Setter, Sadie, the same way she treats her own dogs, and we can go out of town with full confidence that Sadie is being cared for the same way we care for her.

    Until we found Tamara we boarded Sadie at the vet’s. After the first time boarding her with the vet, not only did she not want to go back when we left town, she still has trouble getting herself out of the car when we have to go to get check-ups and shots. The people at the vet are excellent and the boarding is acceptable, but with the choice of leaving her there, where she stays most of the time in a crate or leaving her with Tamara where she can run with other dogs and enjoy the air-conditioned dog house (with TV and futon), there is no question which we choose.

    We call the kennel “doggie camp,” and Sadie gets all excited when we head up the road to Tamara’s house. And when she sees Tamara, it is all we can do to hold her on the leash. This is truly a wonderful place to board dogs at the same rate our vet charges. Tamara’s love for animals and her concern for the welfare of her boarders is wonderful. It’s a great facility run by a great animal lover. We greatly appreciate the services she offers.

  • “Princess” our little Sheltie, is so happy that we have found Dancing Creek Farm. When we ask her if she wants to go to “The Farm,” she’s ready to get in the car. For many years, Princess was a therapy dog and visited nursing homes and pre-schools. Although she loved all the attention and everyone loved her, there came a time when she was too old and “ailing” and we took her out of the therapy program. She was so sad when we had to board her; she just wasn’t accustomed to being all alone in a cage. With Tamara and the Dancing Creek Farm, she blossoms into the loving, friendly little girl she was when she visited everyone. Princess is a “people dog” and gets treated as a person at THE DANCING CREEK FARM! We really appreciate Tamara and her crew.

  • Thanks for posting the video of Sadie. Elizabeth and I truly appreciate your care of Sadie whenever we board her there. The video shows the love you have for your animals. I have sent the link to several other people (relatives and friends) so you should get a number of hits on that page over the next few days. Thanks again. David

  • There is no other boarder that we will use. Our dogs came home happy and healthy and were loved as if they were at home.

  • Alaska LOVES going to ‘The Farm’. I know she is treated like a member of the family when she is there. Tamara loves all the animals she takes care of. The stimulation Alaska gets being around other dogs while visiting the farm is really wonderful for her. When I pick her up I can tell she’s had a great time! I will never board her at the vet again. I recommend Dancing Creek Farms to anyone that needs to board their dog. It’s a great place!

  • PABLO (chihuahua) and STUMPY (petite basset griffon vendeen) are 2 very particular pups about their boarding experiences.Dancing Creek has far been the best we have encountered.We appreciate the special attention to our little guys;we have always had large dogs in the past,so dealing with little dog routines is fairing new to us.We love that PABLO can play with other dogs,and I’m sure STUMPY likes the break from being PABLO’S big brother.We are all happy with DCF;it is a one-of-a-kind home away from home for our pets.THANKS TO ALL OF YOU-KATE.

  • Where do we begin , just the fact that Casper and Bullet were allowed to roam without being locked in a cage for 12 hours a day was worth the money right there, also knowing they were actually being looked after ,walked and allowed to adjust to their new surroundings was wonderful We will definitely use Dancing Creek again, knowing that Casper,Bullet and our family will all have a stress free vacation

  • My first experience with boarding was last week. It was great. Mushi seemed happy when we left and was not at all tramatized. I will use this service again and not feel guilty for leaving him. Very friendly place with very thoughtful people!!

  • I dropped Sparky off at another boarding facility. When I picked him up they had him in a kennel outside with no air conditioning. He’s an indoor dog and not use to the heat. It was august and 90 degrees outside! Never again.

    I’ve taken Sparky to the farm three times now and each time he jumps up and down as soon as we turn down the drive. He loves it there and it’s such a wonderful place. It’s has air conditioning, hammocks for the dogs and there were even little swimming pools. You can tell Tamara really loves animals and they love her too. Sparky runs right up to her which is something he rarely does. I’m happy I found this place and thrilled to leave a comment.

  • Your commentI would highly recommend Dancing Creek Dog Boarding, the staff was friendly and loved the animals they looked after. I have used them 2-3 times a year for 5 years now, times vary from a few days to the longest, which was 4 weeks.The kennels are little houses in a lovely rural area with great space for walking the dogs with a/c and heat with dog doors leading to a large fenced grassed area and Kate could come and go as she please. She had her own dog hammock bed with blankie. She was also put with a few other dogs, so, she had lots of play time and was not lonely and they never mind my check in calls. Kate is a golden so grooming is essential! They were happy to keep her brushed and provided bathing and grooming. I have tried Kate in other facilities, where she was in a 12 X 10 concrete area and have felt guilty, because she was so depressed, when I picked here up, not here… My dog is spoiled there and I will use them again…and again

  • We had to board my granddogs for 4 months while my son completed his military training. I hated to send them off. It was such a blessing to find Dancing Creek Farms. We did not want the dogs in a crate with cement runs for a few minutes a day. One dog was still a puppy with crazy energy. Dancing Creek was perfect. The other dog had some skin issues. When they came home their coats were AMAZING!!!! They were well taken care of and loved. P.S. We could even watch the dogs on the camera. It was so comforting to know they were happy and well cared for.