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Since 2005 Dancing Creek Farm has provided the highest standard of care in the dog industry.  Our 32 acres have been designed to provide long­term care, short­term dog boarding, grooming, dog training, dog retirement and holistic dog nutrition.  Our goal is clear – To provide love and support for families and their dogs.  


Dog Gas – ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

My rottie, Bear, will clear a room in no time flat! I have been sleeping and awakened by his gas! Its embarrassing when people come over and the whole house smells like awful. I try lighting incense, burning candles but nothing takes away that smell. There are days where he does this all day and often I would hear his stomach making nosies as he lied there ripping one after another. I know he must have been uncomfortable. I searched on the internet and of course there are toms of very expensive supplements for you and your pets. With 4 dogs, 2 large, I just can’t afford some of this and still feed them a good dog food.

Dogs anatomy is much like our own. This is why when you go to the vet they will prescribe human grade antibiotics, etc. In fact if you have a healthy diet- low fat, low sugars/carbs, your dog could easily eat exactly what you eat. So I researched this in humans and how to naturally help gas. YOGURT!  Let me give that a try! I can buy a large plain container at Sam’s (must have active cultures like Yoplait ) for under 2.00. It works great and they LOVE it too.  In fact I use to add a little bit of wet food to the dry to get them to eat all at once but now I add a tablespoon of yogurt to each meal.  Yogurt has many benefits for dogs and humans. An even better probiotic is cultured milk called Keffir, however it is normally quite a bit more expensive.  Any active culture yogurt should work quite well.

Research results have been mixed when it comes to the relationship between yogurt cultures and immune function, yeast infections and lowered risk of certain cancers. Animal studies suggest that yogurt with active starter cultures and probiotics may enhance certain immune functions. …. read more of this article here

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