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Since 2005 Dancing Creek Farm has provided the highest standard of care in the dog industry.  Our 32 acres have been designed to provide long­term care, short­term dog boarding, grooming, dog training, dog retirement and holistic dog nutrition.  Our goal is clear – To provide love and support for families and their dogs.  


Help Us Help Others Keep Their Beloved Pets

In the past 2 years we have expanded quite a bit. When I first started it was only myself taking care of 10-20 dogs. I knew that in order to offer discount boarding and hire help we would need to expand. By adding more buildings we could take more dogs, hire help and continue to discount long term boarding for families who really need it- Charity workers, military families and families in transition. We offer discounted long term boarding for organzitions like “Save the Children”, “Peace Corp” , as well as students and volunteers going around the world and locally to help people.

below is a video of some of the upgrades we’ve managed thus far. As you can see we have done a wonderful job and have many happy dogs.


Although we have met our goal of taking more dogs we are still a long ways from getting where we need to be. I have been working several jobs (consulting & blogging) to earn the additional money to continue this expansion. We reply on a limited staff who share vision but it hasn’t been easy.

Part of our expansion is also to help launch our fostering program for dogs needing homes. Our budget is so tight every month just trying to keep the bills paid and staff working that we have no room or money to take in any foster dogs at this time.
We still need a 4500.00 electric upgrade before winter comes. If we are unable to do the upgrade we won’t be able to keep all of the buildings open because our current electric service just can’t hold the load. I have been hustling like crazy to do this but we are running out of time.

$5000.00 (estimate) To continue to fence in areas allow the dogs more freedom to move about the farm. We currently have one great play area in addition to their private fenced living spaces, however we would like to create other areas that will allow groups of dogs to safely roam about the farm. This will also allow us to take in more dogs.

We need thousands (4000.00) to get the greenhouse operating so we can launch our Dinner at The Farm project & market in order to continue to earn extra money to continue offering help to families that need long term boarding. This new project will bring so much needed funds to all of our endeavors. This project level includes repairs, seeds, equipment & hopefully a few hoop houses (bare bones greenhouse cover) Our Dinner at The Farm project will not only earn much needed money to continue to work fostering dogs at Dancing Creek Farm but we hope to educate the public on sustainable living, organic growing and support our local food systems.

We have a great guy and awesome young lady with lots of experience in organic growing and greenhouse operation who is living at the farm in one of the buildings with no plumbing. Of course they use our bathroom & work long hours getting paid a small stipend. Like us they believe in this project and LOVE dogs!
We would like to add another building for some fosters, grooming and a small apt with bathroom and showers for the wonderful people that work here. We’ve estimated the cost of this building to be roughly 35,000.00

Below is a videos of a happy reunion. This is one of the many reasons why we do what we do. Everyone was teary eyed.

48,000.00 is our goal. We tried to sell part of the land (we own 30 acres) however real-estate prices are so low that it would be more profitable for us to keep the land for our continued expansion. So we decided that Dinner at The Farm, growing food, selling and teaching at the farm would far exceed the price we could sell the land for. We did have one couple who wanted to purchase the land, to give us the money and then work with us on the expansion. It was an ideal match! But they were unable to get the fund together.

We realize this is a lot of money and we are all working so very hard to meet these goals. Your support through the years has been unbelievable and our reputation is unsurpassed! Everything that has happened thus far with Dancing Creek Farm is because the support we have received from our customers and community. If you can afford to donate please do. If you can’t please please share and help us help so many wonderful families and pets that really need our help.

PS: If you are an electrican. plumber, trades person, business or just plain and handy and can help us with items or labor that would be awesome too!!

We also really need a great web designer

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