We are a one of a kind dog-boarding experience specializing in long and short-term boarding. Additionally we offer dog training, grooming and holistic dog nutrition. Our unique style of boarding does away with cold concrete runs. Beautiful cabins, lots of huge fenced play areas and an experience staff. There simply is no place like Dancing Creek Farm!

Explore our website and see why people come to us from all over the world! There is no better place for your dog!

Highly Recommended!

  • I've been having problems with my Rottie.. Amanda suggested you. She's helped me so much and I trust in her. Please, Please contact me. Thank you. Sincerely Kari Powell

    Kari Powell

  • Michael Cohn

    Due to a series of unfortunate events we were forced to decide whether we to rehome our dog or find a long-term boarding solution. I couldn’t bare losing her, so boarding it was! Deciding to leave your dog in someone else’s care is never an easy decision, but after doing a ton of research on different options I fell in love with Dancing Creek Farms. Tamara’s facility is wonderful and clean with a lot of hard-to-find offerings. It was important to me that our pup got socialization with other dogs and wasn’t kept in a cage. I also wanted to make sure she’d have quality food and one-on-one time. The facility really is impressive, and their mission of providing care and a place for dogs to be during hard times is inspiring. Since our pup was untrained and a bit of a disaster on walks, we added on training classes during to get paws in line, but never did we expect her to make such a transformation! Our girl is also the shyest pup I’ve ever met. It takes a lot of patience for her to open up to you. I was positively delighted when I received videos of her walking beside Sheril (her trainer), sitting for her, and staying! She even became excited for her training sessions and began being a role model for other dogs, never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect to see her like that. She was also taught to be off leash, and a few other neat tricks such as stacking treats on her nose and having her wait for the command to drop and eat them. Simply wonderful. We were also fortunate to be able to have Sheril drive up to bring Sadie home and work with us for a few days to ease the transition and make sure we knew how to communicate with her. She took time to work with both my husband and myself separately to correct mistakes and suggest any changes. Since then we have gone on a few walks with Sadie and it’s been great!
  • I could not be more happy and greatful of Dancing Creek Farm and the whole team. They took care of my two dogs for almost a full year! Their care, attention and love for my dogs and all the animals there is as true and real as it could be. My dogs where happy and as healthy as they can be the whole time they where there. Although I missed my dogs dearly, I had peace of mind because I knew they where well taken care off and they where happy. Can’t thank them enough. Recommended 200%.

    Abdiel Colberg

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long term dog boarding

Working at Dancing Creek Farm

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  • Thank you for your interest in working at Dancing Creek Farm! We are a long term dog boarding facility providing discounted boarding services for military deployed families, students, charity workers and families in transition. The work we do here is very important and we have the highest standard of care Read More....

Aromatherapy for Dogs

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  •  In the winter months or during a lot of rain we give the dogs hot lavender towel treatments. We have a special cooler that also gets warm. Towels are placed in a sink of hot water and essential oil to soak. The towels are then stored to keep hot in Read More....

Enhanced Services

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  • Enhanced Services We provide the highest level of care in the industry. Every dog gets to play, gets teeth, nails and bath along with lots of attention. Our enhanced services are simple the “extra’s” and it helps us raise money to continue offering long term boarding at such a great Read More....