We are a one of a kind dog-boarding experience specializing in long and short-term boarding. Additionally we offer dog training, grooming and holistic dog nutrition. Our unique style of boarding does away with cold concrete runs. Beautiful cabins, lots of huge fenced play areas and an experience staff. There simply is no place like Dancing Creek Farm!

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  • We boarded our very large Anatolian shepherd mix for 3 months and got training for anxiety and aggression. It's often difficult to find boarding for dogs of his size (110lbs, very tall, very muscular), and research of the market makes me feel like a lot of trainers would attempt to remove his guarding instinct, or that I'd be priced out of anything I was looking for. Dancing Creek was such an amazing find, and worth driving 6hrs for the stay. They worked with us on pricing and were excited to get a big boy like Gus, and immediately had a training plan in mind to curve his instincts to make them easier to control without diminishing them. Even more, we were so happy to hey were super health conscious and had a plan in mind to help his joints that often get minor strains (normal for big active dogs). We got regular pictures and video training updates throughout his stay. His coat looked so much healthier and fluffier, and he looked so happy performing behaviors in videos. He even made some doggy friends, which he is picky about so we were stoked to see him loosening up. I loved that the staff gave him nick-names "Gus the Bus" which made me feel he was truly loved for his 3 month stay. When I came to pick him up all the staff stopped to tell me how much they loved Gus and that they were sad to see him go. Sheril got to know Gus so well and had his place so advanced that he would even wait for a tennis ball (his life's purpose), and especially strangers he was unsure of. He learned leashless walking, so his recall was super disciplined. But he was still the same goofball who doesn't know his size. His joints were so improved he was galloping after tennis balls like his life depended on it all over again. When had to drive him all the way to California, and his having been trained to relax in "place" eased his anxiety throughout the ride. I'm not sure we would have made it otherwise. It also helped him adjust and relax in hotels and eventually his new home. Learning "Heel" on walks made bringing him around strangers, even confined places like stairs, easy and no longer embarrassing for having a great big loud bark boy. Gus knew to focus on me and ignore anyone he might be afraid of. It's not even been a week since getting him back, and we'll be following up with Sheril for some skype training sessions to make sure we behave around Gus the way we need to for his training to really shine. To keep my gushing on planet Earth, if there was one thing to complain about, its that communication on incidental costs throughout his stay could have been better. I knew to assume things like him needing training tools like an e-collar could come up, but the possibility of purchasing one could have been discussed at price quoting. Tamara is always available by text, anytime, so a single communication mix-up over a 3-month stay is nothing to discount the amazing quality of love and care my dog got at such reasonable prices. 5-stars isn't enough, Dancing Creek is such an amazing gem. I wish Gus was still on the East coast so he could come back!

    Nick Walenga

  • Kristin Geraghty Sanders

    We cannot say enough positive comments about DCF! We needed to be out of the country for work but we’re besides ourselves about how we would care for our pups (sadly due to circumstances taking them wouldn’t have been an option for them due to the distance/their ages/personalities (can get stressed)). We found DCF! The staff is amazing! They provide love, attention, exercise and a personal healthy diet for your pup. We were able to take them out for a few weeks during the holidays on a trip back to the US. Our pups were so happy, healthy and well adjusted:-). When we do get back permanently I know they were love to have periodic stays to enjoy all the farm has to offer and visit with their mates🐶❤️. We love DCF😊
  • Just picked up my pup from 2 months on the farm!she came home happy, healthy, and 10lbs lighter!! I can’t recommend DCF enough! I know she had an amazing time there. Best place (for an incredible price) for long term boarding!

    Maggie Snyder

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Working at Dancing Creek Farm

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  • Thank you for your interest in working at Dancing Creek Farm! We are a long term dog boarding facility providing discounted boarding services for military deployed families, students, charity workers and families in transition. The work we do here is very important and we have the highest standard of care Read More....

Aromatherapy for Dogs

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  •  In the winter months or during a lot of rain we give the dogs hot lavender towel treatments. We have a special cooler that also gets warm. Towels are placed in a sink of hot water and essential oil to soak. The towels are then stored to keep hot in Read More....

Enhanced Services

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  • Enhanced Services We provide the highest level of care in the industry. Every dog gets to play, gets teeth, nails and bath along with lots of attention. Our enhanced services are simple the “extra’s” and it helps us raise money to continue offering long term boarding at such a great Read More....