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Cats and Dogs Hogging MY Bed

All I want to do is take a nap after cleaning, feeding, scooping poops and walking dogs. Yeah my bed is soft, it’s dark and cool BUT I want to lay down...

Blaze MY Bed is NOT Your Bed

Blaze is the type of dog that is stuck to your hip. I allow her to sleep in my bed even  though she crunches right up next to you and makes it...


Stella is a sweet little dachshund that loves hanging out with me in my bed. In these two videos she is being a sweet puppy until she gets a visit from Morris...

Two Very Dirty Dogs- Rowdy and Sam

This is Rowdy a long term boarder and Sam a visitor. Retrievers love water. They were playing in the pool, rain and then the mud. Look how dirty they are and look at...
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