Pet Trust and Retirement

When we accept your pet into our program we agree to provide the absolute best care for your family, especially your dog. This includes their emotional needs and making sure they get what they need while being away from home. Hands down we are the best at what we do because we take the time to quickly answer your emails, text messages and calls.

Our cabins and all dog areas are insulated with AC/Heat. We keep them at about 65 degrees. In the summer at 70 degrees. The dogs can freely go in and out of their cabin via a dog door. Each area has a deck and its own fenced in play yard. All play yards then adjoin even larger HUGE play yards. They are let out in groups to run freely and play with other dogs.

Twice a week they are brushed. Once a week given a lavender warm towel wipe down with massage. All dogs are fed an grain free diet with healthy organic carrots, sweet potatoes, fish oils and kelp.. Additionally as part of our long-term dog-boarding program we add Green Viberance four times a week to enhance the health of your dog. Every day we make huge batches of bone broth made with grass fed bones from a local beef farm. Bone broth added to their food has so many health benefits! Please look it up! Your dog will look amazing when you pick them up! Check out our reviews and consistently you’ll hear this.



The following vaccines are required for all dogs checking in:

Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper, canine influenza virus H3N8 and canine influenza virus H3N2, Adenovirus Type 2, Parainfluenza, Parvo Vaccine, Lepto Bacterin (MLV) and Lyme Vaccine.



Flat Monthly Rate is discounted for 3 months or longer. Under 3 months is considered short term. $550.00 a month for the first dog then $250.00 for each additional dog. This rate is for social dogs that can be boarded with other dogs. The monthly rate includes treats, baths, nails, brushing and teeth brushing. This monthly rate does not include food. Long-term boarders must provide a proof of vaccines, micro chip and proof of sociability unless your are reserving a private cabin. If you live long distance you can get this from a vet or local dog daycare facility. Dogs with long hair, an additional $30.00 per month is added for brushing. Groom is provided at an additional fee.



You can reserve a cabin without other dogs if your dog is aggressive towards other dogs. This option could also be used to reserve an entire cabin if you have 3 dogs. Additional dogs beyond 3 there is an additional charge.If your dog proves to be aggressive towards other dogs this rate will be applied. Aggressive means with the intent to harm, not little disagreements, however if you dog can not behave in a social setting they need to be moved to a private cabin and will need special handling (extra walks, more staff attention, etc.) Private cabin rate is $900.00 per month. When renting a private cabin you are welcome to being beds, toys, anything you want to set up in your private cabin.




We have a 3 night minimum. Dogs must be social and we will ask for a temperament test. Short term is limited, however once you dog has been here you can easily reserve any time. Because most of the dogs are here long term we take special considerations for short term guest. We have very busy customers that need a few weeks here and there. We work with them to arrange transport or whatever we can do to make sure their dog is happy and safe.
Short term rates are $25.00 per day Dogs over 50 pounds is $30.00 per day. Because of our style of boarding we do not offer discounts for additional dogs unless your stay is over 14 days.
We will always try to work with you if we can.
We do require non-refundable deposits. Our space can be limited, therefore we ask that you reserve ahead of time.




This long-term rate is based on three months or longer. $500.00 for the first dog and $150.00 for additional dogs. This discounted rate is based on availability. You must provide proof of enrollment or special circumstances that qualify you for a discounted rate. It is our goal to help you keep your dogs during these difficult transitions. The rate does not include food. Please understand that we can’t operate 100% at a discount but we always try to help as many people as we can. Private cabin for unsocial dogs discounted is $850.00 per month for up to 3 dogs. Additional dogs in the same cabin is an additional $200.00 per dog.



Long term pet trust are set up ahead of time in the event of your untimely death. In the event we are contacted we will immediately dispatch a ground transport person to pick up your dog. We will then enter into a forever care pet retirement program.Older dogs need special care. Sometimes this is not possible for a busy family. At the farm your senior pet will receive advanced holistic diet and care. They will go for walks and benefit from our enrichment program.These rates are calculated based on many factors.
To get a quote or learn more please email


Highly Recommended!

  • Long overdue 5 star review for DCF: My husband and I left our fur baby Tashi in the loving hands of the staff here for 4 months while we were overseas. I was very anxious as we had never boarded her here before and never boarded her anywhere for this long. My anxiety didn’t last long though. As soon as I started to see the great pics and videos of Tashi on FB that Tamara posted regularly I was totally relieved and comforted. I got to see the cabin and outdoor area that was her home there, all the grounds of the big beautiful farm, the staff working with her and loving her each day, see her playing in all the different weather... My stress was gone and I could focus on the business of our trip without worrying about her at all. DCF was like a miracle for us. We researched a ton of places before deciding where we would leave her and none of the places seemed good enough, we started to think we would never find the right place, until we found DCF... Tamara responded quickly and thoroughly to all our questions and concerns, and was totally upfront about pricing for all the options we had to choose from. We were so impressed with what they offered that we drove from Chicago to take Tashi there, a long drive!! DCF is like heaven on earth for dogs, we honestly think she had a perfect life there, the only thing missing was us but she was so happy there I doubt she even missed us! The staff really does go above and beyond any expectations of a boarding facility, from the high quality food/supplements to the daily play time in the big field to the lavender towel treatments at bed time. We did the training program and I have to do a special shout-out to Sheril for the amazing work she did with Tashi and for the hour she spent with us when we picked her up. She showed us the techniques she used and the new things Tashi had learned, and made sure we understood everything so we could continue with that training when we took her home. Thank you Sheril!! There was no doubt in our minds that Tashi was a better dog when we picked her up, the training helped immensely and the diet they use made her lose excess weight, even her coat looked better. She looked so healthy and happy. If anyone reading this is trying to decide on where to board your dog, you don’t need to do any more research, just call DCF right now. You will have no regrets. HUGE THANK YOU to all the hardworking and loving staff at DCF for taking such good care of our baby!! If we need to board her again we will not hesitate to bring her back. It is so comforting to know that there is a place we can trust 100%. Highly recommend!!

    Anikka Norton

  • Danielle McConnell Wild

    We’ve had our dogs here for over a year and couldn’t imagine leaving them anywhere else. The staff is always very responsive whenever I’ve had questions or made requests. When my dogs first arrived they were not eating great (which is not atypical for them), and DCF contacted me to let me know they were making special meals to increase caloric intake. Sure enough they were back to their normal eating patterns. I just can’t say enough positive things about Dancing Creek Farm!
  • Awesome place for your loyal friend. The staff are wonderful. They take such good care of harley when he is there. Feel very confident leaving my boy there!

    Denise Esposito

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