Pet Trust and Retirement

Meet Lucky (see picture) Lucky’s owner contacted us when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He and Lucky spent many years together. He wanted Lucky to be safe, loved and well cared for after his death. When he contacted us we helped him calculate lifetime care for his beloved Lucky. When the day came we quickly dispatched transport to New York to bring Lucky back to the farm. Lucky is VERY happy to be at the farm. She is well cared for and loved by all of us. We were also included in the Will as a beneficiary to help us continue to offer discount dog boarding services to families in need.

What would you do if you unexpectedly died or became incapacitated? Have you made arrangements for your pets? More than 500,000 pets are killed in shelters and veterinary offices each year after their owners die. We’d like to think that our families members will honor our pets as we have, however sadly this isn’t always the case.


Not only are we a great long term dog boarding facility but we also are a safe loving home for dogs who have lost their beloved owners. We take the extra steps to insure their emotional well being.

We are uniquely set up and not anything like a traditional kennel. We (The owners) live on the property and we have experienced animal handlers that LOVE dogs working 7 days a week. Single dogs are allowed to socialize until they find dogs they enjoy spending time with. Because of our set up and all the huge fenced areas we have within our 30 acre compound dogs are allowed to roam around and play throughout the day.

Lifetime Pet Trust Care is a huge commitment.  “The Farm” is a very special place where compassionate animal lovers live and work.  We address the nutritional and emotional needs of all dogs here.  In fact we’ve been told that its better than home care because our direct focus is caring for the dogs here 24/7. We do whatever it takes to insure each and every dogs well being and happiness.

Getting Started

The first step is calculating the amount of money your dog would need for the rest of their life.  We can help you do this. The cost would include boarding, food and vet care. Once a monthly amount is determined you’ll need to decide where the funds will come from. Some people have already set up a trust while other have a separate life insurance policy that will feed the pet trust. Pet trust are set up through your estate planning with your lawyer.

Once your Pet Trust is set up with your lawyer and with us its a good idea to put something on the refrigerator or in plain view. In the event of sickness or death someone can contact us right away to get your pet. When you set up with us you pay for the first month plus any travel related expenses. The moment we get the call our transport van is on the road to pick up your dog. Its also a good idea to have a key chain stating that you have a pet at home.  You want family members or a trusted close friend to know about your plans and wishes.

Your trust can be set up with a trustee to write monthly checks for your dog or you can set it up directly with us. Most people prefer a trustee and someone to check on their dog throughout his.her years. Dancing Creek Farm has been in business over 10 years and we welcome you to visit and check out our wonderful reviews. We want you to feel confident that you’ve made the right decision. We will provide you with whatever you need.

There are some wonderful shelters, however do you really want your beloved pet to live in a shelter?

If you do not have a good insurance underwriter to set this up with you please contact me. Below are some helpful links for your research:

We recommend  A Pet Protection Agreement® – there is important information here.

Here is a great article at ASPCA about Pet Trust

A list of great articles here


No one will take better care of your dog then we will. This I promise you.
To learn more about pet trust and long term care for your dog or cat please call me directly 434-549-1616

Highly Recommended!

  • When desperate to find a place for my dog last minute, I was very lucky to stumble across Dancing Creek Farm's website. They took such excellent care of my little guy and kept me updated the whole time as to how he was doing. It was great to see little snapshots of his day on the facebook page and I can't say enough about how much time and effort they put into making sure the dogs are more than provided for but feel safe, comfortable, and loved.

    Callie Elizabeth

  • Chelsea Reeves

    Words are not enough to express our sincere gratitude for all of the help and support Tamara and her staff provided to our six fur babies. Moving across the country can be trying, but throw in your 95 year old mother and six dogs... it gets ALOT trickier! Tamara stepped in and gave a large part of my family a safe place to call home until I was able to firmly get settled into my new life, bringing me some peace of mind during this transition. While in Tamara's wonderful care our babies were spoiled with more play time than they were used to, a new holistic diet, a leaner waistline, sparkling teeth, and renewed youth. They truly seem so happy! I don't know what I would have done without your help. Dancing Creek Farm, you are a godsend and blessing. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much! <3 Joyce, Chelsea, Dorothy, Bright, Brillo, Marley, Saint, Luke, and Leia
  • Thank you Dancing Creek Farm! This is truly a top of the line long term boarding facility for dogs. The DCF team did a wonderful job with my Apollo. Not only did he come back more mature, but is still the same lovable dog that he was when I originally dropped him off. This certainly shows their patience with all the different types of dogs that come by and their devotion to giving them the same love (if not more) than an owner. I would highly recommend using this wonderful gem, as they will 100% take care of your furry loved ones. Thanks again! -Evan

    Evan Slass

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