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Since 2005 Dancing Creek Farm has provided the highest standard of care in the dog industry.  Our 32 acres have been designed to provide long­term care, short­term dog boarding, grooming, dog training, dog retirement and holistic dog nutrition.  Our goal is clear – To provide love and support for families and their dogs.  

Dog Training

Our head trainers Sheril Carr and Heather Ragsdale have over 33 years combined experience in professional dog training, certified veterinary technicians and canine holistic massage. We specialize in behavioral issues with dogs as in resource guarding, fear aggression, leash pulling, no social skills and basic obedience.
Tamara Burton, Founder of DCF has 13 years experience in Canine Holistic Health. In addition to behavior training we also help your dog to feel good and look great.

Here at Dancing Creek Farm we work as a team to lay down a foundation for your dogs to succeed in all aspect of life with consistency, repetition and lots of praise, we have made a substantial difference working with numerous dogs on several behavioral issue, We have the highest standard of care for your beloved pets. We offer Dog training 8weeks and 3 weeks board and train packages, weekly massage, private cabins, holistic health care and a huge fenced in play yard.

We support the emotional and physical wellbeing of your dogs with consistent training, love and a wonderful holistic diet. Training is offered in 3 week sessions, 8 week and ongoing board and training during a long term stay at the farm.ustIts is also possible to hire a trainer over video chat to work with you and your dog(s).

Please email for quotes and detailed information

What you can expect form our B/T programs


  • You are assigned a primary dog trainer to watch over your dog’s physical and emotional wellbeing during your dog’s stay here.
  • All dogs will work with different trainers while here to continue to understand the concept and generalization that they must listen to anybody, not just the trainer
  • Once your dog leave DCF we don’t just stop helping you as every dog will go thru many changes in their life. Follow visits are private lessons with a personal trainer.
  • Training will happen at least 3 times a week but maintained throughout the week by staff.
  • Socialization and manners: dogs will be leashed at all times and get to work on having manners thru out the day and getting used to new people, and their environment.

Example of an 8 Week Board and Train Program


  • Getting your dog’s attention/ focus –correct any behavioral issues- leash pulling, jumping etc.
  • Begin placing.  Emphasizing dog attention alone and with distractions
  • Begin the heel command- introducing sit
  • Perfecting the placing and heeling and begin a automatic sit whenever owner stops- introducing down
  • Continue the place, sit, and down. Leash should be loose or dropped with no hands
  • Continue the down and stay and introducing the word COME.  The number 1 key command COME when called even with distractions
  • Long distance stay 2 to 5 minutes and begin off leash training
  • Off leash place, heel, sit, down, stay, and come- graduation!!!!

All dogs are different in their training and after a complete evaluation our head trainer will sit and discuss all option at hand.


In-Home Training

In addition to board and train we can also send a trainer to your location. If you are out of town they will stay at a hotel close to your home. Over a weekend the trainer will visit your home twice a day working with you and your dog.  Please email for quote


Different tools used for training

Flat nylon collars with chain in middle is an effective tool in training as is the E-collar.E-Collars reinforce commands and corrects your dog unwanted behaviors, e-collars use a form of stimulus they provide subtle stimulation that many people equate to a “STIM” pad by a physical therapist.  It does not cause harm it is more unpleasant to the dog. As a rule we use very low stimulation levels barely perceivable humans. All training sessions with a e-collar are taught with it on and off and it is used a minimal of 15 minutes from week 1 to week 3 then as training progresses up to an hour.All dogs acquire habits through repetition, not duration.E-collars do not burn your dog some dogs may have an allergy to the metal in which we will exchange metal to brass probes.



Highly Recommended!

  • Dancing creek farm is absolutely beautiful ! Like a vacation resort for dogs instead of humans . I was so impressed , other then the sounds of dogs barking you wouldn’t know dogs were there. Super clean and no smell ! Tamara is super knowledgeable about dogs and goes out of her way to make them not only comfortable but healthy as well ! I highly recommend her and her staff for your pets boarding and training! She also provides them with a high quality food which I also recommend. I say 10 �’s

    Melissa Duvall

  • Morgan Washburn

    We did the 2 week Board & Train program for our 11 month German Shorthaired Pointer. The people here were really nice and kept us updated daily with her training through Facebook posts, which we loved! Sheril did an awesome job understanding Bella’s hyper tendencies and knew exactly what to do to calm her down and get her listening to different commands. She is an amazing trainer and understood our dog and did a great job explaining everything to us when we picked her up. I would highly recommend Dancing Creek Farms for people looking to get their dog understanding basic commands and started on a training program.
  • Everyone did everything to make Heidi feel at home during her 4 weeks boarding. She was underweight when she arrived. They worked with her diet to get her on track. They took pictures or videos most everyday so I could see my girl Heidi. I definitely recommend Danning Creek Farm. Is the best!!

    Sharon Campbell

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