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Below are rates and information for transport. Below that a reservation request form. The form answers important questions. Its best to first complete this form. I typically respond quickly sending attachments. This could go into your spam folder. If you don’t hear from me please just email me at info@dancingcreekfarm.com When emailing its important to include the dates you need boarding or training, detailed information about your dog and if you need long or short term boarding. Once you email we will reply with 24 hours sending an information packet as an attachment. This could go into your spam folder. Please check. If all else fails just give us a call 434-549-1616 but email is best! We have a lot of playful dogs having a good time! It’s not always possible to answer the phone right away, however I promise to answer all emails within 24 hours!

Ground Transport

We offer door-to-door or meet halfway ground transport. Our customers are literally all over the world! We easily service areas outside of Virginia by offering these transport services. We can also arrange pick-up at one of the major airports close the farm. Ground transport is can be arranged for both long and short-term boarding. Our boarding prices are lower yet we have the highest standard of care in the industry. Rather than your dog staying cooped up in kennels let us pick up in DC, Maryland, North Carolina and almost anywhere in the US. Please email for a transport quote info@dancingcreekfarm.com


Because we specialize in long term dog boarding and offer a cage free facility we have customers from all over the USA. When traveling out of the country some families chose to drive to our facility, leave their car here at the farm and fly from Raleigh Durham Airport. We are happy to help you with whatever needs you have. We can arrange to drop off or pick up. The rate is $15.00 per hour plus gas charges. If one way is longer the 7 hours it requires an overnight stay therefore there are hotel charges. Many airlines will not fly your pet during the summer months. It’s important to plan ahead and make sure your pet arrives safely. If you are looking to fly your dog to Dancing Creek Farm United Airlines now offers a Safe Pet Transport Service and we are happy to pick up your dog at the Raleigh Durham Airport.


For longer trips (over 10 hours) we charge a flat day rate of 150.00 for the driver overnight. Gas is then added, plus tolls and hotel. We often meet people halfway. Our most popular meeting places and cost are: Culpepper VA – 150.00 Charlotte NC – 150.00 DC Metro Area – 225.00 ( traffic! Culpepper VA is only an hour if you can meet!) Nashville TN – 550.00 (Includes driving, gas, hotel) Here are the rates for United Pet Safe Program. You should always try to fly direct flights.

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It is important to plan ahead. We prefer that your pet arrive during the afternoon with plenty of daylight hours so we can spend time with them. Its important that they feel comfortable and have some time to adjust. Please use the form below to request a reservation. If the form does not work for you please go to our contact section to call or email.


Dancing Creek Farm Reservation Request

Please complete the form entirely so we can help. If you can not use the form please send an email with all the information we need to check availability. info@dancingcreekfarm.com

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Please list the age, breed and temperament of your dogs. If you have more than one list one for each line. How is your dog with other other dogs? Are they food aggressive? Medical issues or anything we should know.
Please list the age, breed and temperament of your dogs. If you have more than one list one for each line. How is your dog with other other dogs? Are they dog or human aggressive? Medical issues or anything we should know.
Could your dog live in a cabin with other dogs without issue? Please give as much information as you can on your dogs experience with other dogs.
Please tell us why you need boarding. If this is part of military deployment, special training, student, vacation, etc. Are you applying for a discount? Please tell us why.
Are you dogs spayed & neutered?
Is your dog on a monthly parasite preventive treatment? If so, which one?
Do you need a quote for pick-up or drop off?
Please upload a picture of your dog(s)
Please upload proof of vaccines.You can also scan and email to info@dancingcreekfarm.com

Highly Recommended!

  • Sheril Carr, DCF's trainer is truling amazing. While Charlie, our border collie/greyhound mix, was being boarded at DCF we took advantage of the Dog Training program they offered. Our dog has a very good disposition, however, being extremely energetic, it has been difficult to take him for walks as well as get him to respond to basic behavioral commands. When we picked Charlie up to bring him home we couldn’t believe how much Sheril had taught him and how well he would respond to commands. Sheril is clearly a professional trainer and very skilled at what she does. Moreover, it is obvious she truly loves dogs and has a passion for training them.

    Sharon Davis

  • Jesse Davis

    Dancing Creek was everything we hoped it would be and more. We live near Atlanta and wanted a safe and healthy environment for our Border Collie mix, to stay for a 2 month period. Dancing Creek was the perfect place. Everything from their quality staff, the unique dog housing, the high quality food provided, to the freedom for our dog to run and play with other dogs, made for a perfect vacation place for our dog while we were away. We also took advantage of the training program offered - and are really glad we did! While DCF is a long way from Atlanta, it is well worth the drive. We highly recommend Dancing Creek.
  • WHAT A WORLD of DIFFERENCE! I dropped off "MONSTER" for a 4 month extended stay with training. After working with Sheril Carr, "MONSTER" became a perfect "Gentleman". He is now a completely different dog... His past hobbies were PULL, WHINE, PULL, SPRINT-PULL all the way to the dog park. Now he walks with you, is super chill 24/7 and still loves to play. I can't thank Sheril and the Crew from Dancing Creek Farm enough! -T

    Snufiri Luphagus

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