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Because we specialize in long term dog boarding and offer a cage free facility we have customers from all over the USA. When traveling out of the country some families chose to drive to our facility, leave their car here at the farm and fly from Raleigh Durham Airport. We are happy to help you with whatever needs you have.
We can arrange to drop off or pick up. The rate is $15.00 per hour plus gas charges. If one way is longer the 7 hours it requires an overnight stay therefore there are hotel charges.
Many airlines will not fly your pet during the summer months. It’s important to plan ahead and make sure your pet arrives safely. If you are looking to fly your dog to Dancing Creek Farm United Airlines now offers a Safe Pet Transport Service and we are happy to pick up your dog at the Raleigh Durham Airport.

For longer trips (over 10 hours) we charge a flat day rate of 150.00 for the driver overnight. Gas is then added, plus tolls and hotel.

We often meet people halfway. Our most popular meeting places and cost are:

Culpepper VA – 150.00

Charlotte NC – 150.00

DC Metro Area – 225.00 ( traffic! Culpepper VA is only an hour if you can meet!)

Nashville TN – 550.00 (Includes driving, gas, hotel)
Here are the rates for United Pet Safe Program. You should always try to fly direct flights.
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It is important to plan ahead. We prefer that your pet arrive during the afternoon with plenty of daylight hours so we can spend time with them. Its important that they feel comfortable and have some time to adjust. Please use the form below to request a reservation. If the form does not work for you please go to our contact section to call or email.

Highly Recommended!

  • Dancing Creek Farms took great care of our fur babies. We entrusted with them for three months while we moved and got settled overseas. Both pups have unique needs and DCF exceeded our expectations. We are very happy with the service we received from the staff and owners! We will use them again in the future. The worked seamlessly with the relocation service to make sure all paperwork was ready for the big trip.

    Jerald T Risner

  • Ann Marie Bravo

    Tamara and her team and Dancing Creek Farm are simply outstanding. We chose Dancing Creek to board our two large dogs, Maggie and Lulu for ~6months while we transitioned to a new house. Our dogs can be challenging and despite having a rough start, Tamara never gave up on them. We always had an open line of communication with Tamara throughout our dogs’ stay and were always a pic/video or FB post away from an update. We began to see such positive changes in our dogs; their health and their demeanor improved significantly. Maggie, who suffered from constant joint pain and needed regular pain medication, is now medication free; the healthy natural diet and exercise helped her get her into the best shape she’s been in in years. They began to be so much more relaxed around people. It was nothing short of amazing. DCF turned out to be one of the most positive experiences of their lives. Without DCF, we could have lost our dogs; now we are settled in our new house, with dogs back home and they are the best version of themselves we’ve seen in years. Most boarding locations near our home are prohibitively expensive, inflexible and provide a minimal level of care and lack of options. Dancing Creek is over 500 miles away but anytime in the future when a life event takes place and our dogs need a place to wag their tails for a few months, we are going right back to Dancing Creek Farm, their “home away from home” Thank you Tamara and thank you everyone at Dancing Creek; you gave our dogs something we could never have given them during such a stressful, pivotal time in our lives and what you have given them will continue to have a positive impact on them (and us) throughout our lives
  • Beautiful farm ..Tamara is committed to loving and caring for all these babies . Each dog gets individual attention . Clean safe environment ..I love it

    Sheril Ann Spurrell-Carr

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