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I love animals, especially dogs and I’ve worked with animal rescues for many years. One year I decided to merge all the things I love and turn it into a business. Over the years it evolved and we quickly became known for our quality of care. Dancing Creek Farm is not just a dog boarding facility but a style of living, a a future model for sustainable living and animals.

My name is Tamara Burton and it is my honor and privilege to provide the very Long term dog boarding best care for your dog. We specialize in long term dog boarding for military deployed, students and families in transition.

We take a lot of pride in our military fostering program because we have worked very hard and have earned a wonderful reputation. We began long term dog boarding in 2006.

Caring for dogs long term is a big commitment because you must provide a stimulating and loving environment for some very loved dogs. We take the extra steps to not only provide home/camp like housing (no kennels-no runs) but we also provide lots of affection, walks, kisses and we encourage sociability. No other facility could possibly meet our standard of care because we are a team of dedicated animal lovers addressing the emotional, nutritional and instinctual needs of your dog. We are a grain free organic facility providing healthy natural supplements, fruit and vegetables, lots of brushing, aromatherapy hot towel treatments and massage for our older guest.

We work closely with families providing pictures, videos and even arrange cams or Skype calls. Your emails are promptly replied to and you can always reach me personally to discuss your pet. I will do whatever it takes to give you peace of mind and to be sure that your beloved pet is safe and happy.

We are located in Southern Virginia just west of Danville, very close to the North Carolina state line. We service the entire USA (an worldwide) offering long term boarding for families. Because our rates are affordable and our reputation unsurpassed we have dogs come here from all over! Dancing Creek Farm is truly a unique one of a kind boarding experience. We offer transport for a fee. We also have dogs fly in and we can pick you up at the airport. We even have some customers leave their dogs and car here to fly from Raleigh Durham Airport that offers international flights to most counties. We are happy to take you to the airport. We want to make this a great experience for you and as stress-free as possible. No one can do this better then Dancing Creek Farm.


Tamara Burton

Highly Recommended!

  • My son has had the best experience with his 2 dogs (his kids) at Dancing Creek Farm. Tamara has such a unique place for boarding dogs for an extended period of time, and an exceptional love for all the dogs in her care. My son's vet told him that Hoss needed to lose weight and last spring while Hoss was at Dancing Creek his diet there was healthy and he came home in July a slimmer and healthier weight....his Vet was very happy. Ziva is a special case in that she is petrified of any loud noises, any storms, thunder, gunshots, etc...they made sure to board up her surrounding area ao she would not hurt herself trying to get out. Staff go and sit with her during storms and put her in a thunder coat to keep her calm. The dogs are exercised, played with, and have their only little home and area. I highly recommend Dancing Creek to anyone who has to leave their dog for an extended stay. It has been a Godsend for my son to have this place for his dogs.

    Jeanne Martin

  • Yuko Nozaki Medvigy

    Our two senior dogs have been at Dancing Creek Farm since April, 2017 and I could not be happier with the quality of care Tamara and her team have provided for our dogs. I love Tamara's holistic approach and the amount of exercise the dogs get from running around in large fenced areas which I know my Jack Russell loves! They regularly post pictures and videos of our dogs, which all of us really appreciate and enjoy. I don't know what our family would've done with our dogs without DCF, but I'm so happy we found them!
  • I really love this place and the staff was amazing. We boarded our dogs for 2 weeks and I was worried about our fur babies but Tamara posted pics of them on Facebook and they looked so happy and healthy! When we picked them up they looked leaner and better than when we dropped them off! I definitely recommend Dancing Creek Farm for boarding your dogs. You will not be disappointed!

    Krystal Page Overstreet

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Working at Dancing Creek Farm

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  • Thank you for your interest in working at Dancing Creek Farm! We are a long term dog boarding facility providing discounted boarding services for military deployed families, students, charity workers and families in transition. The work we do here is very important and we have the highest standard of care Read More....

Aromatherapy for Dogs

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  •  In the winter months or during a lot of rain we give the dogs hot lavender towel treatments. We have a special cooler that also gets warm. Towels are placed in a sink of hot water and essential oil to soak. The towels are then stored to keep hot in Read More....

Enhanced Services

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  • Enhanced Services We provide the highest level of care in the industry. Every dog gets to play, gets teeth, nails and bath along with lots of attention. Our enhanced services are simple the “extra’s” and it helps us raise money to continue offering long term boarding at such a great Read More....
long term dog boarding

Dogs Love & Devotion

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  • Bringing a dog into your home is a huge commitment.  The love and devotion a dog can give is unlike any other relationship. A dog is capable of unconditional love. Even dogs that are treated poorly will continue to offer loyalty. I often hear people say “I just don’t have Read More....