We are a one of a kind dog boarding experience specializing in long term country dog boarding & lifetime dog care. No concrete runs, spacious country cabins, extra large play areas, holistic and healthy dog nutrition program, weekly dog massage, one on one emotional care and owners living on the property 24/7. Explore our website and see why people come to us from all over the world! There is no better place for your dog!

Boarding Services & Rates

Dogs are important family members, or they should be. When you bring a pet into your home it should be for the life of that pet. Of course circumstances change and there are times when its just not possible to bring your beloved pet. Our job is to provide love and care not only for

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Reservation & Transportation

Because we specialize in long term dog boarding and offer a cage free facility we have customers from all over the USA. When traveling out of the country some families chose to drive to our facility, leave their car here at the farm and fly from Raleigh Durham Airport…

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Pet Trust & Dog Retirement

Meet Lucky (see picture) Lucky’s owner contacted us when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He and Lucky spent many years together. He wanted Lucky to be safe, loved and well cared for after his death. When he contacted us we helped him calculate lifetime care for his beloved Lucky…

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Highly Recommended!

  • We have to admit we were a bit concerned leaving our two dogs in the care of “strangers” for eight months while we traveled the world. Boy, were our fears unfounded! Tamara and her staff at Dancing Creek took marvelous care of 8-year-old Beau and 11-year-old Cassie. Beau is a Black Lab with a bit of German Shepherd thrown in. Cassie was…well, Cassie: Pointer, Dalmation, one or two other breeds, smart as a whip but high-strung. Both received tender, loving care. Tamara made sure to keep us up to date on their condition, sending emails, photos and an occasional web cam link to see how they were doing. And they did great. Unfortunately, despite Dancing Creek’s wonderful care and quick action getting her to a vet, Cassie passed away before our return, succumbing to a recurring auto-immune disease. Tamara and the Dancing Creek staff were heartbroken, as was Beau, who had lived with Cassie his whole life. Recognizing he needed an adjustment period, Tamara took him into her home and showed him extra special affection during his grieving period. It was just one sign of the great love she has for the animals in her care. When we arrived to pick up Beau, he looked better than ever. Tamara had put him on a regimen of fish oil supplements which gave his coat a healthy sheen and cut his shedding to a minimum—something we never thought of doing ourselves. Another trip around the world probably is not in our foreseeable future, but if we do have to leave Beau in someone else’s care for any extended period, you can bet we’ll be happy to bring him back to Dancing Creek. And we bet he’d be happy to be there. --Bebe and Peter Landis

    Peter Landis

  • Hannah Shaffer

    Dancing Creek Farms is a wonderful place to work and take your precious dogs to. We give the highest standards of care and the dogs get lots of love and attention. As a care giver I play and give the dogs all the attention and love that they deserve. Because in reality, they deserve the best of care and love. If i ever had to leave for a long amount of time, id trust Dancing Creek Farms with the welfare of my dogs
  • This place is amazing!!! Took wonderful care of my baby King. He was able to socialize with other dogs, his "living" area was amazing and his coat looked wonderful within the first month. They also drive to you for pick up or drop off.....very helpful!!! During his time at the farm I was able to skype a few times with King and the staff sent me pictures of him :-). I will definitely used their services again in the near future!!!

    Xtina Ramirez

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Dogs Love & Devotion

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  • Bringing a dog into your home is a huge commitment.  The love and devotion a dog can give is unlike any other relationship. A dog is capable of unconditional love. Even dogs that are treated poorly will continue to offer loyalty. I often hear people say “I just don’t have Read More....